Who Am I?

Prophetic Truths – Michael@Okulski.org

In November 2005 I was in my cabin in Wapiti, Wyoming, about 20 miles east of Yellowstone National Park and at the edge of Shoshone National Forest. As I remember, it was snowing and I could see both deer an elk walk within 50 feet of my living room window most of the day. As I started to pray in The Spirit, I received the following vision:

I was in a large room with Jesus. He was standing and I was dressed in a white robe, bowed on my knees praying “Holy, Holy, Holy” over and over again. Other people then started to come into the room. They were also dressed in white robes. As they entered, I would scoot back away from Jesus to make room for them to be close to Him. They then followed my example by getting on their knees. praying “Holy, Holy Holy.” Soon, the room was filled with people dressed in white robes with Jesus standing in the middle. Everyone was bowed to Jesus praying “Holy, Holy, Holy” and I had moved all the way to the back of the room, giving everyone who had entered the chance to be as close to Jesus as they could.

Then Jesus made a path through the people and came straight for me. He picked me up, and instantly I was a little child and Jesus was very tall. At first I was fearful because Jesus was so big and I was so small, but the fear immediately disappeared. I told Jesus, “You are so big!” Jesus then responds, “It’s about time for me to be big, isn’t it!”

Then Jesus and I are sitting side by side in a buckboard being pulled by a horse, with Jesus handling the reins. At first I see us from above. I then see us from where I am sitting, and then from behind as we are going down this path through a valley in the middle of the mountains. We then cross a stream. The horse stands on it’s hind legs as if frightened by something. I’m thinking there was something in the stream that scared it. Then just as suddenly, everything was normal. I then asked Jesus, “what was that all about?” Jesus responded, “That was just your imagination!”

We then continue past the stream. I see us continue without saying any thing for a good while. At this point I’m starting to get physically tired (in the natural). In the vision I can see us driving into the distance with the buckboard getting smaller and smaller. My main concern is that I don’t want to leave this vision before it is over. I pray for more strength. I then have more strength, and I can now see myself close up again. As Jesus is driving, I start yelling out across the valley, “Holy, Holy, Holy!” (End of Vision)

Who Am I? I’m a voice crying “Holy, Holy, Holy!