Time to get into the Fight

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In June of 2019 Jesus spoke to me in a way He has done a handful of previous times in the last twenty years. A thought enters my head that has so much clarity and authority behind it that the only response I can ever muster is “Yes Sir!”

The first time I ever heard His Voice like this was twenty years ago at a MorningStar Ministries Conference in Charlotte North Carolina. I had flown there from my home in Clark, Colorado (near Steamboat Springs) with the specific purpose of increasing the prophetic in my life so I could hear The Voice of God. As a new Christian, I had experienced people prophesying to each other (and to me) for the first time at a 700 Club Conference I had attended in Dallas Texas a few months earlier and I was determined that I needed this gift if I was to hear The Voice of God and be one of His sheep.

The first experience was not quite as profound as other testimonies I have heard. I walked into the conference center and asked myself, “I wonder where I should sit?” Before my thought was even finished I heard God say in my thoughts, “You should sit in front because you forgot your glasses.” I was startled at first. Then I realized it was God and I became as exited as a little child, wanting to hear more. While hundreds of others experienced prophesying for the first time during the conference, that was the only message from God that I received while I was there. I left both excited that I had heard God and a bit disappointed that I did not prophesy like many of the others that were there. I did however start to have visions and dreams within days after the conference. Praise Yah!

The second time I heard Gods Voice, I was camping in my teepee in the Teton Mountains East of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was 2005 during the celebration of The Feast of Tabernacles / Booths. Although I had been camping in the teepee since Passover of the previous year, but this was my first experience of trying to sleep during a howling blizzard with wind gusts over fifty miles per hour. In the quietness of the newly fallen snow the next morning while I was thanking God for surviving the storm, I heard God say in this same way as before,

“Tell My people who I Am,
Tell My people who they are,
Tell My People My Covenant,
Tell My people things to come.”

Of course I replied with great enthusiasm, “Yes Sir!.” I had just received my first verbal commission from God!

I would hear Gods Voice several more times between then and now, but this day in June 2019 was a little different. I had taken a job in Yuma Arizona the year before to accomplish several objectives. First, I needed to pay off a credit card balance. Second I needed to upgrade my 1997 truck with new tires, ball joints, brakes, tie rods, and I forget what else. Third, I wanted some new toys, including iPhone, iPad, laptop (Apple of course!) and some other stuff. I had finally met all my objectives the previous month and was now in the process of increasing my bank account.

After another 110 degree work day, I had just returned to my camper which was parked in an RV Park in Yuma along the Colorado River when I laid down to rest. This is when I heard Gods voice again.

“It is Time to
Get Into the Fight!”

Of course I immediately replied “Yes Sir!” I had been waiting for this moment for many years. The next week, the perfect opportunity came to quit my job and by the end of the month I was pulling out of the RV Park to once again camp off grid full time as I had been doing the better part of the previous fifteen years. I had upgraded to a used camper in 2013 but still try to set up the teepee every year during the Feast of Tabernacles / Booths when the opportunity presents itself.

While I was preparing to leave, I came across some information about a flag, sometimes called the “George Washingtons Flag.” I was immediately drawn to it and as I learned the history behind it, I was compelled to use it as a flag that represented the Kingdom of Heaven. I ordered it and soon had it displayed by my camper. I later learned that this flag had been revealed by revelation to several prominent church leaders over the last four or five years as a banner for The Kingdom and the part it played in the Inaugural Prayer Breakfast for President Trump. I display it everywhere I camp as I decree and claim each region of land I am camped at for The Kingdom. I have been claiming land for The Kingdom of Heaven for the last fifteen years as I camped full time up and down the Rocky Mountains between the Mexican and Canadian Borders but now I had a flag!

Feast of Tabernacles
San Juan National Forest, Colorado

Who is the enemy? It was about this time that I decided that if I was going to enter into “The Fight,” I was going to have to first figure out who the actual enemy was. I started getting up to speed on current events and soon figured out that the Far Left was against all things of God so I started to pray against the activities of the Far Left. The lies against President Trump, the Russian Hoax, the impeachment, the protests, the media, Democrats, and so on. I soon started to realize that the enemy targets kept changing. When one story would die down, another would arise and that this approach to fighting the enemy would be pointless (and endless).

Then I started to see the enemy in a different light. Christians were also on the Far Left. With the approach I was taking, I was actually praying against other Christians. Not Good! Then I started to see the Christian bashing taking place from Christian leaders trying to motivate the Church to do the right things using tools of guilt, shame, and despair. They were using the same tools against the Church that the enemy uses against the Church. Should I pray against the Christian leaders as well?

“You must fight for My kingdom, for truth, and for those who have been deceived.”

One day I was convicted by the fact that God never told me to fight against anyone or anything. Jesus had already won that victory on the Cross. My job was not to fight against anything. My fight was to fight for Jesus and manifest the victory He won on The Cross using His authority. The statement that Paul made that we were not to fight against flesh and blood, but against powers of darkness started to make more sense. But even then Jesus warned us not to rejoice in our authority over the demonic. Even if we focus on fighting against a spiritual enemy we could find ourselves going down a slippery slope and losing the big picture.

I found the answer in in a mission statement I had previously formulated for myself. Twenty years ago when I was on a mission trip to India and Nepal, I was introduced to a book written by Rick Joyner called “The Final Quest.” It completely changed my perspective of the roles that Christians were to take in the fight against Satan during the last days. Then about six years ago I was led to read it again and I came upon a statement that Jesus made, “You must fight for My kingdom, for truth, and for those who have been deceived.” (Excerpt From The Final Quest – Rick Joyner.) This statement was burned into my soul and I adopted it as my primary objective as a Christian. As I thought about this, I realized that I had set a goal for myself not to fight against anyone or anything, but I was to fight for all those who had been deceived.

Firstly, this includes all non-Christians because they simply do not have the capacity to resist the devil as he plays havoc with their lives and their belief systems. As Jesus said on The Cross, “They know not what they do” which was the sole basis of asking The Father to forgive them. Secondly, this also involves Christians. While they may have the power and authority to resist the devil, they may not be exercising their authority due to a lack of training or other reasons. Christians and non-Christians alike (including leadership) can fall into the category of being deceived. These are not people I am supposed to fight against. These are people I have committed my life to fight for in The Name of Jesus. This includes people on the Far Left, the false media, Communists, Socialists, the Trump haters, the rioters and looters burning down our cities, antifa, black lives matter, those offering sanctuary for criminals, Christians and non Christians. This is what Jesus was talking about when He commanded us to love our enemies.

The fact is that if we vote all democrats out of office. If we lock up all Far Left or Far Right activists and criminals of every kind we will not have won a single battle against the enemy. In order to defeat the enemy we must first free souls from the bondages of deception and lead them to the freedom of the salvation purchased by Jesus Christ on The Cross. Secondly, we must disciple them in The Truth and in Kingdom Authority so that they can remain free and lead others to freedom. If we do not follow through with the second part, those who are saved will simply go back to prison by making the wrong choices resulting in Christians fighting other Christians using The Name of Jesus. “This is satans ultimate deception. His greatest power of destruction is released when Christians attack one another.” (Excerpt From The Final Quest – Rick Joyner.)

The fight for winning souls occurs outside the church, but the fight to raise up Christians to live by The Truth and operate in Kingdom authority takes place inside the Church. We are to fight for The Kingdom, for The Truth, and for those who are deceived. Praise Yah!