An Unalienable Right to Life vs Abortion

According to the Declaration of Independence, the purpose of the United States Government is to secure and enforce when needed the God given or human right that it’s citizens are born with. This includes the right to life. In order to continue, we need to define the meaning of life. What is it? When does it start? When does it end? Can we measure its existence?

Since the Declaration of Independence acknowledges that life comes from God as an unalienable right, then it is not without merit that we can use the Word of God to give us the definition of life which is, “The Life of all living things is in the blood.” Lev 17:11 When any living thing has blood circulating through its body, it is said to have life. When blood stops circulating through the body, it is said that there is no life. Although there are mechanical means to keep the blood flowing, for all practical purposes, if the heart is beating, there is life. When the heart stops beating there is no life. Life is in the blood. If a person is brain dead and his or her heart is still beating on it’s own, without any assistance, that person has life. Life is in the blood. This doesn’t mean that we should not try to bring a person back to life or maintain a person’s life if we have the means. This also doesn’t mean that organisms at a cellular level aren’t alive. It does however mean that they don’t posses “life” that is protected under the United States Constitution for its citizens.

It is generally acknowledged that the heart of a human fetus starts pumping blood after 22 days but blood exists well before that. Using the definition that life is in the blood, the fetus has life from that point of conception and should be protected as is any other life under the Constitution of the United States. The fetus should also be protected from abuse as would any other person acknowledging the fact that if a mother abuses her body while pregnant may also be abusing the fetus’s body and should be liable under the law. There is an understanding in the law that a person has rights until it inhibits another person’s rights. This should be the relationship between the mother and her unborn child after it has been given the gift of life. Since the responsibility to secure life is in the Declaration of Independence, the need to define “life” is a federal issue for the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Executive Branch to resolve as law. Not for state or local governments, and certainly not for the Judicial Branch.

There are three reasons to take a life. The first is for food. The second is to defend from attack. The third is murder. The penalty for murder of a human life should be death. Under this reasoning, the only valid reason to abort a fetus who’s heart is beating is if its very existence poses a threat in a manner that attacks the mother’s life. Any other reason should be considered murder. I will discuss the care and rights of children in another post.

Ultimately, we all manifest the God we serve. The only way evil can win is if good people stand by and do nothing. May The God of Israel Bless The United States of America. – Michael Praise Yah!

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