An Unalienable Right to Liberty vs Choices

We are all born free and the Government of the United States is tasked with securing that freedom for its citizens whenever and wherever someone tries to take our freedom away. The very first freedom that falls within these unalienable rights is the right to choose. We can choose to be right or wrong. We can choose good or evil. We can choose the one true God, a false god, or no god at all. We choose what we believe and what we don’t believe. We can choose to hate or love. We can choose to be kind or to be mean. We can choose to be stressed or peaceful. We can choose what is true to us and what is false. We are free to choose until our choices interfere with someone else’s right to choose.

Our right to choose comes with a price. We are accountable and responsible for the choices that we make. Every choice comes with a consequence either directly or indirectly. If we choose well, we will be blessed. If we choose badly, we will be cursed. Every action has a re-action. We all reap what we sow. This is an unalienable response to our unalienable rights. Just as our federal, state, and local governments have a mandate to secure our unalienable rights, they also have a mandate to enforce the unalienable responses when needed when the security of others are violated. An eye for an eye.

The ability to freely make our own choices is more than a right. It is a relationship with others based on mutual respect. In order for another persons right to choose to not be hindered in any way, we must respect their right as we respect our own. Even if we think they make wrong choices, it is still their right. It is our responsibility as a member of a family, community, or as citizens of the United States to provide a safe environment for others to choose badly and make mistakes when possible as long as the rights of others are not affected. Conversely, others must respect our right to respectfully agree or disagree with their choices.

Our God given right to choose what we think, say, and do is under attack. There are people, organizations, and leadership within our own government who have developed schemes to censor our speech in such a manner as to restrict us to agree with them and their views. They are trying to take away our right to disagree. One such scheme is guised under the term “Political Correctness.” These people will go out of their way to intimidate those who use certain words that contradict their beliefs. In other words, they can verbalize their beliefs but others cannot verbalize beliefs that differ from their own. The intimidation only ceases when you san nothing at all or are convinced to use the words that they deem as appropriate. You can only say what they allow you to say. There are now laws in local governments that state reading the Bible in public can be considered a hate crime. Others where it is unlawful to use personal pronouns like “he” or “she” because a man might be offended because he may now think of himself as a “woman” and would consider being referred to as “he” as being offensive. The fact that being offended is determined by the listener and not the speaker seems to be irrelevant. In a more recent situation, a person was censored by Google for using the word “murder.” He was stating the 10 commandments. He asked the Google gods if he left out the commandment “Do not murder” would it be acceptable. In another instance a social media censored a person for asking people to pray for our President. None of this censorship is morally driven. It is all politically driven. It is out of control.

The basic freedom that we were born with to choose is now under attack by our fellow citizens and the very government that is responsible for securing these rights. It is time for all citizens of the United States who wish to protect their God given right to choose to be heard and stand up in protest. These laws designed to take away our freedoms must be challenged until they are overturned. If we don’t our right to be free may be lost forever.

Ultimately, we all manifest the God we serve. The only way evil can win is if good people stand by and do nothing. May The God of Israel Bless The United States of America. – Michael Praise Yah!

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