The Heart of God

Prophetic Truths –

I’m laying on my bed around 4:30 in the afternoon on October 26th, 2019. As I close my eyes to rest, I am brought up to one of Gods throne rooms. God is sitting on His throne which is at the top of a long flight of white marble stairs in the shape of a pyramid. There is a group of children next to me.

They are beautifully dressed in white clothes with gem stones that God has given them. One at a time, they run up the stairs and joyfully greet The Father. They play with him and are delighted to be with Him. Then they leave and the next person runs up to the throne and does the same thing.

I am also dressed in beautiful white clothes with gem stones and a sash with an intricate design woven in gold. When it comes my turn to go see God, I just don’t feel right in my clothes. I am not in an exited and playful mood as the others were to see God. I then take off the gold sash and take off all the gem stones till I am left with the simple white clothes. I then walk towards the stairs, but instead of walking up towards the throne I fall to my knees, sobbing. To me, this isn’t “papa.” He isn’t someone that I should play with. To me this is God Almighty, the creator of all things seen and unseen.

I stayed on my knees, never reaching the first step. Father saw me and in an instant He ran down the stairs, so fast all I saw was a blur. When He reached me He also got down on His knees so were were face to face and put His arms around me. All I could do was hold Him and weep for what seemed like a long long time (minutes). I couldn’t stop weeping. Not only am I weeping in the vision, I am weeping in the physical as well for when I come out of the vision my face and pillow were soaked in tears.

Then I saw His hand reach inside His chest and take out a piece of His heart. I then saw His hand go inside my chest where He left the piece of His heart inside of me. I then kiss Him on the forehead and He kisses me on both cheeks. He then stands up, turns around, and slowly walks up the stairs, back to His throne. I then stand up and back out of the room so that I am always facing Him. I do not want to show disrespect by turning my back towards God.

I am then walking down a path. There is a long line of angels on the left side of the path. As I pass, each one solutes me by thumping a closed fist on their right hand to their chest. I know that they are not saluting me per se, but they are saluting Gods heart that they see inside of me. As I pass each one I look at him directly and nod my head, acknowledging his solute. I then come up to the commander of this company of angels. I feel like we need to solute each other, but I doubt the angels solute like we do on earth. We turn towards each other and I place my right hand on his left shoulder and he places his right hand on my left shoulder and we both nod our heads to each other. I don’t know how I knew to do that but I was very happy not to look foolish in front of the company commander. I know that this is the company of angels I have been assigned to work with. I then continue to walk down the path. (End of Vision) 

I was so shaken by the meeting with God it literally Took me a good five minutes to wind down from the encounter. Then I remembered that it was just this morning that I asked God to give me a piece of His heart that He would bind to my soul.

I would ponder as to how I should use Gods heart that was now inside me until a few months later when I was being mentored by an experienced and seasoned Prophet and Seer who specializes in a healing ministry. She was sharing an experience where she was relating with someone who had asked for physical healing while God was showing her some even deeper internal wounds that were actually the cause for her physical ailments. She was teaching that we should always minister to others by looking into their eyes and establishing a connection, a form of relationship. She described the experience as seeing through Gods heart. At this moment, all the lights went on inside me and I understood about seeing through Gods heart and how I was to use His heart that He gave me to minister to others.

I instantly remembered at time about twenty years ago when I accompanied an Evangelist to India. He was teaching about Jesus and The Cross to about 500 people in an outdoor arena of sorts. After he taught, he called for anyone who wanted Jesus to heal them, and they all gathered around the makeshift stage we were on. The Evangelist invited me to join him to help pray for healing. This was an unexpected surprise so I of course accepted! The first person I ever prayed for was a woman who had a tumor on her stomach the size of a grapefruit. I prayed, and it shrunk in seconds till it was gone. Her eyes got big and screamed “miracle!” My translators eyes got big and yelled “miracle!” I put on my best John Wayne swagger and said “Praise God for miracles!” I kept praying for people who were gathered around the stage and God kept healing them. The translator said he had never seen so many miracles at one setting.

The thing is, I can’t remember any of their faces, except for one. During the praying, I felt someone physically grab my hand. It was an elderly woman who couldn’t have been five foot tall. I remember looking straight into her eyes as she placed my hand on top of her head. She was going to have her turn to be prayed for! As soon as my hand was on her head, God healed her without me saying anything. I had seen her through Gods Heart! She smiled and turned and left. There were still over a hundred people who needed prayer and the generator that fueled the lights was about to turn off, so we prayed until the lights went out. What a night!

Between 2000 and 2002 I went on multiple trips to India and Nepal where God introduced me to His healing power. During this time I received the following prophecy: “I have called you to the healing ministry. You went to India under someone else’s ministry, but I would say to you that you will have your own ministry in your own time. But just wait upon Me.” Gods love and goodness and judgement is communicated through relationship. It is important for us to see others as God sees them if we are to love them the way God wants them to be loved. God has great compassion for His people. We need to see His Bride through the eyes of His heart if we are to manifest His compassion towards His people. Praise Yah!