Declaring Gods’ Will

Prophetic Truths –

It was about five o’clock in the afternoon on November 21st, 2019. I was praying and suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to thank God to allow me to pray for His people. In a vision, I suddenly find myself in one of Gods thrown rooms. (Im not sure which one.)

This one is very simple and it has white marble steps in the shape of a pyramid that leads up to the throne. (Ive been here once before in a previous vision.) Father, Yeshua, and Holy Spirit are all on top of the marble stairs on the throne. I get down to my knees at the base of the steps and continue to thank God for choosing me to pray for His people. At some point they all come down and we have a sort of group hug. Father was standing in front of me. Jesus was on one side of me and Holy Spirit was on the other.

After we hugged, we formed a huddle (like in a football game where the play is being shared) with our arms around each others shoulders. I continue to thank God. Father took a scroll in His hand and placed it inside my chest. The Holy Spirit kisses me on the cheek, Yeshua kisses me on the other cheek, and Father kisses me on the forehead. The Father then turned around and walks back up the stairs towards the throne (there were many stairs.)

I then saw myself walking down a path. Yeshua was walking on one side of me with His hand on my shoulder. Holy Spirit was walking on the other side of me with His hand on my other shoulder. (End of Vision)

After the vision, I start praying in The Spirit and I see myself taking the scroll out of my chest and reading from it. I then understand that God placed a list of things He wants me to pray about as I pray in The Spirit inside me.

This vision is fairly straightforward and does not require much interpretation. It has most certainly increased my faith to pray in The Spirit, knowing that when I do I am indeed speaking forth Gods will for His people. It is an honor and a privilege to serve God Almighty, Yeshua the King of Kings, and The Holy Spirit. May Gods Kingdom come. May His will be done to me, in me, and through me. Amen and Amen.