Hail Storms

Prophetic Truths – Michael@Okulski.org

In this dream I look up at the sky and see the grey clouds of a storm but when I looked closely, I saw the clouds were made of solid ice. I then see a man dressed in rags who was tied up and gagged. (end of dream)

A few days before I had this dream I heard prophecies that hard weather will hit the USA, mostly high winds and tornadoes. It wasn’t until two or three days after that I heard prophecies concerning hail, which I then matched to the cloud of ice in the dream.

In Yeshuas Name, I decree power and authority over all demonic forces behind this cloud of ice send them to the dry places. I nullify any and all destructive power including hail, strong winds, and flooding. I loose gentle rains and cool breezes to clean, freshen, and sanctify the earth and the spirits of Gods people. Angels and warriors of God, Make It So!

Prayer to release the Will of God into this situation.

In addition, there is the issue of the man in rags who was tied up and gagged. To tell the truth, I didn’t even remember him when I recalled the dream the next morning. Fortunately, I record the dream when I first wake up, and it wasn’t till I was transcribing it from the recorder to text that I remembered the man in rags. Since it took me four days to discern that the meaning of the cloud was hail and pray against it, I think the man was me.

May God grant me the grace of better discernment regarding interpretation of both the meaning of the revelation He gives me and the tasking of how to pray His will over the situation. Praise Yah!