Prophetic Seasons

Prophetic Truths –

Dream: In this dream I find myself on the outside of an airplane wing of a large jet passenger plane. The plane is flying! I can see two women pilots in the cockpit flying the plane and realize they are maneuvering the plane to come in for a landing. 

I then start to try to find a seat where can buckle in to prepare for the landing. I first start crawling towards the cockpit to find one, but then realize that being close to the engine was probable not a good idea. As I move towards the end of the wing, I somehow find a jump seat used only in emergency situations.

As I buckle myself to the seat, I find that I am no longer alone. There is a man sitting on both my right and my left. I fact, I think (not sure) that I am now inside the plane. After we land, one of the men reports to one the pilots that we were to be counted as  a table of three. (End of Dream)

Interpretation: I perceive that planes are symbolic of a prophetic experience or sometimes a ministry. If a person is under someone else ministry then they are usually a passenger with the ministry flying the plane. Sometimes there is no other ministry and angels are flying the plane. I have had many dreams of planes over the last twenty years. Some that carry people, equipment, even small submarines. I have had dreams where I saw damaged airplanes (prophetic ministries in trouble) trying to land. Some dreams had me changing flights in multiple airports signifying multiple prophetic experiences that were related. In one dream the crew on the plane would sing to me representing a prophetic music ministry. I was in one plane where I was playing guitar and singing thinking no-one else could hear me but when I finished singing all the other passengers started to applaud. (Sometime the other passengers are angels!)

In past dreams, some planes were huge, some were small, some were normal passenger planes, some were specialized for specific missions. Sometimes I was flying fighter jets. Sometime I was alone. Sometimes with a wife (I’m not currently married.) But more often than not, my dreams had me flying by myself, not needing a plane. Apparently that is the case in this dream because I am outside on the wing but for some reason find I need assistance in landing. Landing could mean I need additional grounding in the Word of God or it is simply time for me to change planes, or both. I perceive that the men that appear seated on my right and left are angels that have been with me during my prophetic experiences to testify to the pilots that I am a credible passenger flying with them (table of three) and not some rogue flying around unsupervised.

At the time of this dream. I had just finished celebrating Passover, The Feast of Unleavened Bread, and The Feast of Firstfruits (also known as Resurrection Sunday or Easter.) Now I am counting the number of days and Sabbaths until the Feast of Weeks (also known as Pentecost) arrives. The dream was on the 10th day. The time of this transcription is the 17th day. 33 days to go to the spiritual Jubilee (50 days.) Bless God!

It was during this time that The Resurrected Jesus gave instructions to His disciples to wait in Jerusalem for The Holy Spirit to come in power. This is the reason I perceive that I am landing, coming to the end a prophetic season in order to start another when the Feast of Weeks arrives. Maybe I’ll get a new airplane. God willing, it’s a fighter jet with power to match my newly acquired flaming sword of fire that I recently received while under the mentorship of an experienced and seasoned Prophetic Seer! Maybe a single seater, maybe a two seater that will accommodate an additional Warfare Officer/companion/wife? Maybe a whole squadron of planes! It’s important to fly fast if we are to lead angels!

What an incredible journey! It is an honor and a privilege to be a son of God Almighty, a younger brother, bond servant, and friend to Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus), The Messiah and Holy One of Israel, and a friend and follower of The Holy Spirit of God who leads us into all Truth, Power, and Relationships. Praise Yah!