Demonic Strongholds

Prophetic Truths –

Dream: Recently I had a dream where I was on the ground and I became a bird. I didn’t know how to fly but when I tried I found that I could so I did. After flying around for a while I came back to the ground because there was someone else that I needed to help learn to fly.

I tried lifting him up into the air but I was too small. I then flew up again only higher this time As I looked down I saw that I had flown through an electrical grid of sorts. I then knew that this grid was acting as a ceiling that was keeping my friend from flying even though I had no problem going through it.

I stopped in the air above the grid and while flying in place I looked down at the electrical grid and started to flap my wings as if I were treading water. As I did so I was transformed from a small bird to a large raven, fanning the electrical grid with loud “whoosh” sounds with my what were now very large wings. I knew that this would destroy the grid which would then allow my friend to fly. (End of Dream).

Interpretation: I discern that the electrical grid in this dream represents a regional stronghold of demonic powers. The “Whoosh” sound is the wind of The Holy Spirit as I pray in tongues, which I started to do for at least one hour a day about 10 weeks ago. This dream also tells me that the more I pray (flap my wings), the greater the effect against the enemy will be (I keep getting bigger.)

I am encouraged to get this feedback from The Holy Spirit as to the effectiveness of praying in The Spirit. It builds my faith to continue and even increase my prayer time. There are however questions that remain unanswered. Who is the friend I am helping? What is the name of the principality I am praying against and what is the location of the stronghold?

When this information is revealed, I will then surmise that I have been given the assignment (and authority) to take power over it. Teaming with the angels I will direct them to bind this demonic puke, clean up all the vomit and slime it has produced and have it poured on its own head as it is sent kicking and screaming back to the dry places. I will then direct the stronghold to be shredded and blown up with spiritual bombs. After the fire of God is rained down to clean up the atmosphere, angels of righteousness, justice, covenant authority and biblical morality will be stationed there to bless the people of God and ensure the high places are never again occupied by the enemy. Praise Yah!

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Ephesians 6:12