Football with Angels

Prophetic Truths –

It has been 25 days since the Day of Firstfruits where Yeshua (Jesus) is the first of the Firstfruits to be raised from the dead, otherwise known as Resurrection Sunday. It is 25 more days to go till the Feast of Weeks, also known as Pentecost. On May 6th, 2020,

Dream: I am given a dream where I am standing in a football stadium and am ready to play football. I see the team that I am playing with arrive. They have white jerseys with burnt yellow-orange numbers. I am playing the position of a receiver.

The play starts and I find an opening in the defense that is not guarded well. The quarterback is watching me, eluding enemy tackles and waiting for me to get open. When he sees I am open he immediately throws me the football while in perfect stride. I catch it and run the length of the field for a touchdown but towards the end of the run I notice that I am slowing down and think that I need to practice running so I can sprint further and faster next time. (End of Dream)

Interpretation: The football team represents a company of angels sent from heaven with white jerseys of righteousness and the yellow numbers of the sun/SON, Yeshua of Nazareth, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I have been chosen by God to team up with this company of angels to deliver a gift/gifts from God to His people, represented by the football. The gift isn’t specified in this dream. It could be a gifts of healing, prophecy, or miracles of any kind. Either way it is certainly to be anointed and powerful.

When the play starts, the quarterback waits on me to maneuver through the enemies defenses until I am open to receive a pass. He then delivers the anointed gift to me and I receive it. Once I have received it I run with it to the end zone which represents a safe area to deliver the gift/gifts to Gods people.

The good news is that I worked well with the angels to receive the gift and deliver it to Gods people. There is a warning to me however in the fact that I became tired and slowed down before I reached the end zone which made me vulnerable to defeat by the enemy. In this case everything went well but I left the dream thinking that I need to get into better shape to ensure future successes. The other possibility is that as I was nearing the end zone I started to rely on my own strength instead of Gods strength. Either way, I certainly have room for improvement.

I have had many football dreams in the past. Not being able to run very fast when I get close to the end zone has been previously addressed and appears to still be an issue of concern. More than once I was so bad I was cut from the team. There were several dreams where I played quarterback. Some I did well, others, not so much. I also did OK at running back but I was consistently terrible at kicker. Now that I think about it, not being able to kick the ball to the enemy may not be all bad. One dream I actually made a touchdown for the other team because I didn’t understand the rules. What a resume!

Prayer: In the Name of Yeshua of Nazareth I accept the assignment to receive Gods gifts and to deliver them to His people. I also receive His Faith, Grace, Power, and Equipping to get the job done and do it well. I decree success over the enemy who tries to impede Gods will. Angels of Heaven, Make It So! Amen and Amen! Praise Yah!


  • Football is a full contact team sport
  • Football Team is company of Angels to which I have been assigned
  • The field represents enemy strongholds
  • The opposing team represents demonic forces.
  • Burnt orange is the color of the Sun/SON-Yeshua
  • White Jerseys is the color of righteousness
  • As a receiver I had to make myself available finding an opening in the enemy defenses
  • Angels did their job getting the ball to me
  • I successfully deliver the gift through the enemy positions.
  • I get tired during the run. Using my own strength?