Assignment to a Navy Ship

Prophetic Truths –

May 15, 2020 34th Day after The Day of Firstfruits Dream: In this dream I’m in the Navy. I see myself as a Navy Lieutenant wearing dress whites. I’m assigned to a Navy ship. There are people walking all around me busy doing various tasks. This ship looks like a small city.

While everyone executes their respective tasks, I am wondering around as if I am lost. I do not know what my task is. I don’t know the layout of the ship. I don’t know anyone. I can see by an emblem that I am wearing on my uniform that I belong to a special unit of some kind, but I don’t even know what that is. I seem to know a lot about submarines because I explain to someone the intricacies of both offensive and defensive abilities of the submarine task force deployed with the ship.

I then start to get hungry and I wonder out to look for the chow hall. A seaman gives me directions and I go down a corridor onto a small craft that takes me to land. Then I walk to the Riverfront Restaurant. I realize that I have been here before and I get into line to get some food. (End of Dream)

Interpretation: I discern that different military branches represent different areas of our walk with God. For me, The Air Force represents the prophetic warfare, the Army represents the Church, while the Navy represents righteousness (white uniforms.) My dreams over the past twenty years have been rich in all three branches of the service.

There are two basic perspectives of qualities or characteristics that lead to righteousness in scripture. The first is that righteousness is identified with a person’s faith which is also portrayed as believing. The second quality or characteristic that leads to righteousness is obedience. Not one or the other, but both working in concert with one another. Jesus places so much importance on righteousness that He teaches for us to seek it first above all else along with The Kingdom of Heaven. Then everything else will fall into place. It is important to note that righteousness cannot be earned. It is a gift, given by God in measure, just like faith. Righteousness, is not an end destination. It is part of the journey that directly impacts our relationship with Jesus. Righteousness is accrued by obeying The Word of God through faith. The more we love Jesus, the greater measure of righteousness we are given. We are also told that God leans towards answering the prayers of the righteous more often than not.

I have had many dreams where I am assigned to the Navy in the past. Some I had the rank of a chief (enlisted). Others an Ensign, a Commander, and a Lieutenant. Some I had different kinds of insignia with different colors. Once I had been assigned to the Navel Academy and another I was attending the graduation ceremony. Normally I was attending various functions, sometimes sharing joint missions with other services. This is the first dream where I was actually assigned to a ship! Navel Warfare?

In this dream, God is telling me that I have been given the measure of righteousness as to a junior officer. A junior officer that doesn’t know what I’m supposed to do, where I am, where I’m supposed to be, or even what unit I’m assigned to. My first instinct in the dream is to go back and get grounded the Word of God (food in a restaurant on land) to find out. I may not seem like much now, but don’t despise small beginnings! Besides, I sure was I good lookin’ in that Navy white uniform! Praise Yah!