Monthly Archives: September 2016

Imperial Dam BLM LTVA, California


Spent the winter in the same place as the previous winter where I celebrated the Feasts of Trumpets, Atonement, Sukkot, and towards the end Passover. I arrived by bus from Vancouver Canada and got my tipi, trailer, and truck out of storage where they had been all summer. The first two weeks were hot and peaceful. The rest of the winter would be tough. The circumstances all around me were filled with intense negativity coming from all directions. In addition, I started a relationship with the VA medical system where pain in my feet were diagnosed and cancer was discovered in my colon and surgically removed. The good news is I was able to turn the knowledge I had acquired in the previous years in the tipi that true peace, kindness, and compassion come from within into experience (although towards the end it was pointed out to me that my patience had suffered a major setback.) Eventually, these circumstances worked themselves out. Some by resolution. Others by going away. After some repentance, forgiveness, and advice from a wise and experienced friend I once again was able to maintain my peace without a struggle. The experience itself was very positive for I learned a great deal about myself and to respect the rights of others to make their own choices while having compassion when they reap the results of what they sow. The best we can do is lead by example (even when no one else follows) and let our Faith dictate our thoughts and actions (not the circumstances around us) and to love without any attached conditions. When we do this, our personality will eventually change our circumstances instead our circumstances changing  our personallity. Love does win over hatred. Praise YAH!