Monthly Archives: October 2017

McHood Park Campground, Winslow, Arizona

Well I’m standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona….. Can’t get the Eagles tune out of my head. Was on my way to Kingman and discovered this free campground about 5 miles south of Winslow. It doesn’t have potable water but it has trash bin and flushing toilets….

Think I’ll hang around here for a while and check out the town. There is a “Standin on the Corner Park” I’ll have to check out in addition to some ancient ruins nearby. Might as well go all the way and browse through the Navajo Trading Post. Kind of relaxing with the lake and the ducks talking back and forth. The campground is pretty full. Was lucky to get a spot near the water. Temps are supposed to be in the 70s/40s. Not bad. I’ll see how it goes! Praise YAH!

I’m really enjoying it here! The weather is perfect while waiting for southwest Arizona to cool down. Having a free campground with trash bins, dump station, and bike trails around the reservoir is great. PlusI get to watch the World Series. Praise YAH!

Madden Peak Rd, San Juan National Forest, Colorado

This campsite is about 5 miles east of Mancos Colorado and about 20 miles west of Durango. I have camped here at least 3 times before and it is one of my favorite sites. Will spend Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) here. The sun is out but it is a little windy so I don’t know if I will put up the tipi. It’s been a long and intense year and I’m starting to identify with my truck and my covered wagon. All of us have been beat up pretty good this year but we are all still standing!

Unlike Telluride, the mountains here still don’t have any snow yet which is fine by me. The weather in Arizona is still in the upper 90s which makes the 60 degree weather here just fine. The host job at Woods Lake was a good experience. Don’t know if I will do it again next year. If I do it will probably be with a different company.

Have been making plans for the winter. Have mapped out about 20 potential BLM camp sites between Kingman, Lake Havasu, Parker, and Quartzsite, all along the western Arizona border. Also along the southern borders of Arizona and California with easy access into Mexico. I enjoyed my trips into Mexico last year and would like to venture a little further south, God willing. Praise YAH!