Monthly Archives: November 2017

La Posa West BLM LTVA, Arizona

Located a few miles south of Quartzsite Arizona, the BLM La Posa LTVA is one of seven Long Term Visitor Areas in the southern Arizona/California area. The La Posa LTVA is divided into 4 areas including West, North, South, and Tyson Wash. I found an empty spur but it probably won’t be empty for long. For now it is nice and quiet. Plan to stay here a few weeks or so. Will continue to work on my music and even try writing a song or two.

Quartzsite is a one horse town during the summer that transforms into a booming metropolis when the snowbirds come down from the north during the winter so I will of course have to check it out! God willing it will be a pleasant stay. Praise YAH!