Monthly Archives: November 2017

La Posa West BLM LTVA, Arizona

Located a few miles south of Quartzsite Arizona, the BLM La Posa LTVA is one of seven Long Term Visitor Areas in the southern Arizona/California area. The La Posa LTVA is divided into 4 areas including West, North, South, and Tyson Wash. I found an empty spur but it probably won’t be empty for long. For now it is nice and quiet. Plan to stay here a few weeks or so. Will continue to work on my music and even try writing a song or two.

Quartzsite is a one horse town during the summer that transforms into a booming metropolis when the snowbirds come down from the north during the winter so I will of course have to check it out! God willing it will be a pleasant stay. Praise YAH!

Craggy Wash, BLM, Arizona

About a mile north of Walmart at Lake Havasu City, Arizona. It has a rather intrusive camp host but it is a popular place for boon-docking and it is free. Lake Havasu is the proud owner of the London Bridge which I saw yesterday. I remember the first time I was in London in 1970 it had just been sold. It is very touristy with lots of great stores and gorgeous riverfront parks. Will scout out the potential camp sites between Lake Havasu and Parker to plan my next move as I mosy on south. Life is good. Praise YAH!

Five Mile Wash, BLM, Arizona

BLM land a few miles north of Golden Shores, Arizona. It’s pretty sparse out here which is fine by me. A popular place for dirt bikes and ATV’s on the weekend. Will use this time to update my music portfolio and scout out the area for future camp sites. Temps have come down to the low 80s. Nice. Will check out Lake Havasu since that is the direction I will probably head next. Praise YAH!