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Woods Lake Campground Uncompahgre National Forest, Telluride Colorado

The Woods Lake Campground is located about 15 miles west of Telluride Colorado and supports a truly pristine campground experience. At 9,400 ft it is well engineered with sites for both trailers, tents, and vehicle sleeping in mind. In addition it has special sites for camping with your horses with corrals and plenty of feeder bins. Trails are abundant and allow a unique experience strolling through the pines, aspens, willows, and a wide variety of vegetation that line Woods Lake and several creeks that flow both into and our of the lake. Ive been told that there are edible mushrooms in the area but I need to get smarter at identifying them first. A free trailhead is also supported for both riders and hikers alike. Wilson Peak, Mt Wilson, and El Dente Peak looms in the background with all three over 14,000 ft.

I seem to be a natural at camp hosting and had no problems adapting to this life style. It takes a couple of hours a day for the chores and everything else is just being available to help any way I can. The Clark store in Telluride is very health conscious and has most everything I need. I can also take a scenic one hour drive to Montrose if I want a Walmart experience. God willing I will be here through September. Will celebrate the Day of Trumpets and the Day of Atonement here. Praise YAH!

Cowboy Pasture BLM, Blanding Utah

Located halfway between Bluff and Blanding Utah, I am just a few miles south of the UTE Tribal lands of White Mesa. In this place, you can actually hear a gust of wind a mile away before it gets here. I camped here one other time in February 2015 when I got snowed in. It took me 3 days to dig two paths (one for each row of tires) for about a hundred and fifty yards to finally pull out. That following spring (close to 2 years ago now) I was camped about three miles from here at Shumway Point where I finished a 40 day fast a few days before the Feast of Weeks (Pentecost.) It is very peaceful and serene here. If the last storm that passed through the area a few days ago didn’t dump to to much snow in the mountains I should be leaving here for my summer job at Woods Lake Campground near Telluride Colorado in a week or so. Praise YAH!