Monthly Archives: April 2017

Casa Del Eco Mesa, BLM, Utah

Overlooking the San Juan River near the old Footbridge. Casa Del Eco Mesa is on the other side of the river which is also where the Navajo Tribal Lands start. Met a wonderful couple from Powel River BC, Canada that also knew people I had met during my visit there last summer. Also met a young man from London England who was touring the United States on his motorcycle. I have camped here several times in the last 10 years or so with the tipi. It is a peaceful place with a lot of history. I can see caves inset along the cliffs in almost every direction where people used to live many hundreds of years ago. Hanging out for a few weeks till my new job as Camp Host at Woods Lake campground starts near Telluride, Colorado. Praise YAH!

Goldpoint Condominiums, Breckenridge Colorado

Breckenridge, Colorado

This is the view from my timeshare in Breckenridge Colorado. I celebrated the remainder of the Feast of Weeks and the Feast of Firstfruits here. After a tough winter near Yuma Arizona I was ready for a vacation and this was the perfect place. At one point during the last 18 months I thought I might never see the mountains again, going back and forth between Yuma in the winter and Canada in the summer. Although I was ready to give up Colorado for the sake of a relationship, I sure did miss the majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains! It’s very peaceful here with the town still very much active the last week of ski season. Looking forward to spending the summer near Telluride Colorado. Am exited to leave the last season behind me and start a new one. Praise YAH!