Speak to those who I set up for you to speak to; add nothing to what I say.

Spend more time with Me alone. I will pour into you everything you need for the journey that lies ahead.

Let My peace be your cornerstone. Let My joy be a hammer on the stone walls of the destroyer.

My right hand is your weapon. My thoughts will be your thoughts. My purpose will be your purpose.

To be able to hear clearly My Voice is a gift I have given to you.

Holy laughter is confirmation of the fullness of My presence with you.

Purification is My process. Redemption is My goal. Freedom is My cause. Life is My lesson. Peace is My presence.

Guard your mind – it leads to your soul.

I will use your imagination for My purpose.

Be ready to hear and obey. Be ready to love unreservedly. Be ready to fight with the strength I give you.

All that I Am is being revealed to you so follow Me as I lead you on this journey for what I show you is beyond your wildest dreams.

Remember all My commands; as your love for Me grows so will the ease to follow them.

Problems are your friends. Sit down with them and set the table with solutions – then have a feast!

This is My Heart of love; with It I pour out Myself on those who will receive. Be not afraid to do what I say.

Pick up your sword often and I will sharpen its blade. Battle always precedes victory.

The plans are made – now just follow My instructions.

The time you dedicate to Me is the key to accelerating your destiny.

Pay attention to your attitude and recognize that it has a lot to do with your success.

When you face a wall, build a ladder and others will climb up behind you.

I will not be mocked; whatever a man sows, he will reap.

Remember not the wrongs you have done or those done against you; no monument to past sins will be erected inside My garden.

Let people around you learn at their pace, and don’t expect them to understand everything you say. I work through all people differently and in different stages.

Always be willing to listen for the pearls of life come from great pain.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things about to be seen.

Sometimes rain falls and life happens, but your response to it is the most important.

Not all people want to hear what I say because they fear giving up their sin.

You will not need to climb to reach the heavens; the heavens will be brought to you.

Go easy on my people when they fall short in understanding. Everyone is in a different stage of development, and may see life through a wounded past.

People who hurt are also afraid of failure; they don’t like to be told they are wrong so they have a hard time receiving any criticism, constructive or not.

Pride often forms a false protection; it builds a wall or barrier to protect from future pain.

Forgiveness, love, grace, and mercy along with acceptance, are great tools for building a ladder that can bridge the gap between rejection and abuse.

Forgiveness of self and forgiveness of others is essential and must take place for healing to work. We must be able to identify what emotions need healing in order to make progress.

Don’t give up your time with me in the morning; it will be the most important thing you do all day so put it first so it is not made last. Let us join together as the sun is rising so I can direct your day. I will give you instruction.

Sending My angels out is an important tool to get things done in The Spirit. I want you to do it more often, for I have assigned many angels – equipped and ready for battle and duty. Send them and they will obey your command; they do not tire of serving you. This will be very important in the days ahead. You must battle things of the spirit with things of The Spirit and you will benefit in the physical.

Always bind the strangers voice before we talk and listen to what I say closely so you don’t miss anything.

People will not like to have their sins revealed, but I tell you that nothing done in secret will be able to avoid exposure, but all will be laid bare by Me and accounted for.

Victory is conceived first in the mind of understanding and often dances to the surface of those who have been trained by it. A full measure is a unit being properly bestowed upon the one who will receive.

My church is any group that gets together on a regular basis for the study of My Word and participates in praise and worship.

Suicide is a spirit and deliverance is not popular but necessary. You are dealing with a network of demonic forces: Suicide, Discouragement, Despair, Hopelessness, Depression, and Murder.

Keep My love in balance because My love casts out the Spirit of Fear and victory is always the result.

When you fail to obey My request, just start again.

As you hear My Voice the volume will increase. The clarity will be as if you were hearing the ocean with its variance of sounds and tones. My voice is water to your thirsty soul. Let it satisfy you always.

I will speak to you through others; I will speak in your circumstances, and I will speak through My Word to you. I give you now ears to hear; I give you now eyes to see, better than before, better than ever before. Yes it is I who speaks to you now – it is I.