I stand for the National Anthem and I kneel before The Cross of Jesus Christ. I defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign, domestic, and demonic. Praise Yehovah!

I am tired of being attacked. I am tired of being lied to. I am tired of the truth being concealed. I am tired of being told facts out of context. I am tired of being told they know the truth but can not reveal it. I am energized that God’s will is being done through His people. Praise Yehovah!

Make no mistake. Only a Military Tribunal can bring about the Justice needed to wipe this country clean of the treason and the crimes against humanity that have infected our land. Praise Yehovah!

Truth is activated at a quantum level. The more it is observed the more of its power is released. Lies and secret truths are powerless. Praise Yehovah!

It is Time. Time for President Trump to return to office and focus the next 90 days to purge all non elected traitors from the federal government. Time for the people to focus the next 90 days to purge all the elected traitors from federal, state, and local governments. It is Time. Praise Yehovah!

I don’t want President Trump to announce that he is seeking re-election in 2024. I want him to announce that he is doing everything in his power to return as President as soon as possible. Praise Yehovah!

Every elected official in this country should be required to repeat the oath of office to defend and protect the Constitution while taking a polygraph test. All who fail the test should be fired. Praise Yehovah!

Why is it legal to have a political party whose goal is to overthrow our Constitution? Why have we allowed people who want to take away our freedom to be free? We must defeat this insanity. Praise Yehovah!

Ketanji Brown Jackson Is an illegitimate U.S. Supreme Court Justice selected by an illegitimate administration. When justice is done she will be ousted from her position. Praise Yehovah!

It’s been years since I have enjoyed watching the mainstream media crying in their unrighteousness. Praise Yehovah!

Molech is defeated. A curse has been lifted. I love this feeling of victory. I want more. God bless America. Praise Yehovah!

Prosperity, Revolution, Revelation, Liberation, Righteousness and Justice. As a son of The One True Living God and a friend of The King of Kings Jesus Christ I decree these words to COME FORTH for my fellow citizens of the United States of America. Praise Yehovah!

The weaponizing of vaccines will not be forgotten. Crimes against humanity will be prosecuted. Justice will be served. Praise Yehovah!

When a person has The Holy Spirit inside them they are free to choose good over evil. When a person does not have the Holy Spirit inside them they are unable to choose good and are compelled to choose evil. Remember this the next time we vote for someone to lead us. Choose good. Choose freedom. Praise Yehovah!

I am firmly in agreement with George Washington that we must eliminate our political party system and give the determination of this country back to the collective will of the people. Behold! A pale horse… Praise Yehovah!

Those who do not resist evil are complicit with evil. We resist with civil disobedience to unconstitutional laws. By not supporting businesses and institutions that enable evil. By challenging evil in the courts. By exposing all illegal plans and activities. By exercising our Spiritual and Constitutional authority. By standing for the National Anthem and kneeling for The Cross of Jesus Christ. Praise Yehovah!

I forgive all those who have chosen the path to overthrow the Constitution of the United States of America and enslave God’s freedom loving people. I pray that you repent of your sins as you rot in prison so you do not also burn in hell. Praise Yehovah!

It is time for the military to prepare Gitmo for an influx of traitors that will soon arrive when the Theater Commanders answer The Righteous Call to restore the rightfully elected officials into power according to The Constitution of the United States. Praise Yehovah!

Victory is coming. Justice will be served. Righteousness will prevail. All evil will be exposed and dealt with completely. Praise Yehovah!

Every citizen in this country who participated in our stolen election needs to have their right to vote permanently revoked. Praise Yehovah!

Every person that had a part in making Ivermectin unavailable to the public as a treatment for Covid-19 needs to be tried and convicted for crimes against humanity. May they repent to the salvation of their souls. Praise Yehovah!

May we never forget the attack on our country including treason and crimes against humanity. May we also never forget God’s mercy and grace in exposing their crimes and saving our country. Righteousness and Justice are two sides of the same coin. Praise Yehovah!

I’m ready for military tribunals to start prosecuting crimes of TREASON. Can anyone spell devolution? Praise Yehovah!

I decree in The Name of Jesus that Kamala Harris will never be President of the United States of America. Praise Yehovah!

1. I am the Yehovah your God… .

2. You shall not make for yourself an idol….

3. You shall not take the name of the Yehovah your God in vain….

4. Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy….

5. Honor your father and your mother….

6. You shall not murder.

7. You shall not commit adultery.

8. You shall not steal.

9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

10. You shall not covet your neighbor’s house….

Bring back any memories? Praise Yehovah!

After we stop cursing our nation with laws that legalize abortion let us start blessing our nation once again with laws that legalize the display of the Ten Commandments in public places. Praise Yehovah!

We now have “Absolute Proof” and “2000 Mules.” Is this enough for a military intervention?

I fight for God’s Kingdom. I fight for God’s Truth. I fight for those who are deceived. What a fantastic life. What a glorious God. What an awesome King. What a patient and powerful Spirit. Shabbat Shalom. Praise Yehovah!

Democrats, Rinos, LGBTQ+, Witches, Warlocks, Globalists, False Teachers and Preachers, False Pastors, False Apostles, False Prophets, Propaganda Journalists, Pagans, Marxists, Socialists, Communists. The United States is a target rich environment for God’s Army. Praise Yehovah!

Today is our day of salvation.

Today we lay down all hopelessness and despair.

Today we defeat our enemies and send them straight back to hell.

Today is the day for God’s will to be done all across our nation.

Righteousness! Justice! Freedom! Praise Yehovah!

When President Trump returns to power (soon God willing!) he will have two major goals. First is to manifest his God given destiny. Second is to start grooming his replacement. Praise Yehovah!

Faith in God comes by hearing, studying, and teaching God’s Word to your children. Faith in the United States comes by hearing, studying, and teaching the Constitution to your children. Show your faith to others and we will be free. Praise Yehovah!

The first shot of the first battle of this revolutionary war has been fired. The fight is to manifest God’s will to recover our National Identity. All other fights before now were leading to this moment. We must manifest God’s Victory until it is realized and we enter into our promised land. Strength and Courage. Praise Yehovah!

Jubilee has started. Curses are ending. The fight begins. What a glorious time to be alive. We Win, They Lose. Praise Yehovah!

When God’s people obey His covenant and His Voice, they love God and in return they are blessed. When United State’s citizens obey the Constitution, they love the United States and in return they are blessed. As the Church goes so goes the country. Praise Yehovah!

President Trump it’s time to come back. We’ve got a big mess to clean up. Praise Yehovah!

Just learned about the systematic murder of COVID patients by the medical profession in the New York City Hospital System. When justice returns to our country I’m looking forward to Nuremberg style prosecution for crimes against humanity. Praise Yehovah!

When justice is finally served for all treasonous crimes committed against the Constitution, we may find ourselves needing more than a few new prisons. May God have mercy on their souls. Praise Yehovah!

Our country needs to restore the integrity of our culture. Do not cheat. Do not lie. Do not steal. Do not commit adultery. Spread the good news. These are the qualities that will make America great again. Praise Yehovah!

It is time to restore the legitimate President and Senators back into office and enforce legitimate elections throughout the land. The death angel of injustice is about to be released at Passover. Praise Yehovah!

All who enable genital mutilation, abortion, child abuse, sex trafficking, human trafficking, drug trafficking and genocide need to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. Praise Yehovah!

It’s time for all the Saints to celebrate the victory of God’s will over evil throughout the United States. Praise Yehovah!

A Firestorm of Truth is being fanned by God’s Angels. Exposure, judgment, and justice is being empowered. Praise Yehovah!

It is time to end child pornography and all judges who enable this sick disease. Vote no for the nomination of judge Jackson to the Supreme Court. Praise Yehovah!

When the Church leadership obeys God’s Covenant, the United States leadership obeys the Constitution. As the Church goes so goes the country. Praise Yehovah!

The Bible and the Constitution of the United States have many things in common. Of these, both are Covenants between God and His people and neither is open to private interpretation. Praise Yehovah!

After by the Mercy and Grace of God President Trump returns to office, we have many more battles to fight before we restore the evil done to this country and around the world. Don’t be surprised if this takes the remainder of this decade to establish a new baseline of freedom, prosperity, and independence. It is time to establish strategic goals and tactical battle plans for each goal. By the Grace of God, we will once again be and stay FREE. Praise Yehovah!

Everyone who is trying to overthrow the Constitution of the United States is my enemy. I forgive them because that is who my God is. I demand judgment and justice to the full extent of the Law because that is who my God is. Praise my God and my King Yehovah

Why do we allow companies to use the popularity of its products, the size of its employee base, and the amount of its revenue to be used as political weapons? They do not represent the people and they steal the vote from the individual. We need some serious lobby reforms. Praise Yehovah!

Hello from Yuma Arizona. I see a large storm brewing over the issue of how The Church is to handle corrupt leaders both inside and outside the Church. We don’t have a lot of experience mixing forgiveness, judgment, and justice. Looks like it’s about time for us to grow up and know the kindness, goodness , and severity of Jesus Christ. Praise Yehovah!

One good take away from this last year is that I am starting to identify with the people of China and Russia and Vietnam. Still working with life in North Korea. Praise Yehovah!

We need low income rental housing that charges %35 of the occupants income including utilities without taxpayers paying subsidies. Praise Yehovah!

We need a decentralized/secure banking system with a Bill of Rights that protects our investments. Praise Yehovah!

We need Congress to execute judicial and prosecutorial oversight. Praise Yehovah!

We need the State Legislature’s to re-claim their authority to appoint delegates to the electoral college and to appoint Senators to the US Senate. Praise Yehovah!

In addition to elevating crimes of treason, we need to identify crimes against humanity including drug and human trafficking. Praise Yehovah!

We need to educate ourselves on the definition of TREASON and enforce its consequences. Praise Yehovah!

We need to build a wall to keep bad people and goods out and a door that lets good people and goods in. Don’t underestimate Chinas influence in the north. Praise Yehovah!

President Trump please come back BEFORE they give Ob’iden the emergency powers of a wartime president! Praise Yehovah!

We need to fight for our Constitution against all enemies foreign, domestic, and demonic. Praise Yehovah!

Our Constitution is like The Bible. It is not subject to private interpretation. Praise Yehovah!

After we fix our elections we need to restore the integrity of the family. Praise Yehovah!