Imperial Dam BLM LTVA, California


Located about 20 miles N N/W of Yuma Arizona across the California line on the Colorado River, this camp site would be filled with 7 months of wonderful new experiences. After being alone for 20 years with the last 12 years in a tipi and relative isolation, I suddenly found myself among  many new friends and one special relationship. Gathering around a camp fire, playing guitar and singing, late night dancing, kayaking, swimming, aerobics and yoga classes, learning to eat, cook, and shop healthy, loosing 60+ pounds and 12 waist sizes, hiking, running for the first time in 30 years, laughing, trips to Mexico, and seeing all of God’s creation including plants, wildlife, stones, stars, sunrises and sunsets through someone else’s eyes. Although there were definite warning signs that things may not be as they seem, I ignored them. I was transforming my knowledge of how to love into experience. Praise YAH!