Cowboy Pasture BLM, Blanding Utah

Located halfway between Bluff and Blanding Utah, I am just a few miles south of the UTE Tribal lands of White Mesa. In this place, you can actually hear a gust of wind a mile away before it gets here. I camped here one other time in February 2015 when I got snowed in. It took me 3 days to dig two paths (one for each row of tires) for about a hundred and fifty yards to finally pull out. That following spring (close to 2 years ago now) I was camped about three miles from here at Shumway Point where I finished a 40 day fast a few days before the Feast of Weeks (Pentecost.) It is very peaceful and serene here. If the last storm that passed through the area a few days ago didn’t dump to to much snow in the mountains I should be leaving here for my summer job at Woods Lake Campground near Telluride Colorado in a week or so. Praise YAH!